Why would you benefit from an oxygen facial?

Our oxygen facial is based on the understanding that oxygen is one of the most important elements required to sustain life. Approximately 90% of the body’s energy is created by oxygen. Nearly all of the body’s activities, from brain function to elimination, are regulated by oxygen. The ability to think, feel and act is derived from the energy supplied by oxygen. Each of the body’s trillions of cells demand oxygen for proper function.

Oxygen is especially regenerative. It has been used to treat skin ailments such as burns and wounds. Without the help of oxygen, these conditions would never be able to heal on their own. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi cannot survive in an atmosphere that is rich in oxygen. When it comes to your skin, insufficient oxygen supply can lead to dull, thin-looking skin and can accelerate the signs of aging. That said, with the help of concentrated oxygen (98% pressurized O2), the skin is able to function more optimally, which helps it to look more vibrant and youthful. The skin is replenished with a custom blend of highly effective serums cocktailed to your personal needs and delivered to your skin via our advanced oxygenating machine using 98% pressurized O2. Your skin is left looking plump, smooth, and radiant with all of the small imperfections starting to disappear. It may seem hard to believe, but oxygen facials have highly visible, immediate results. The best thing about the oxygen facial is that it works for everyone at any age. Even teenagers can see the benefits on their youthful skin. For more dramatic and longer lasting results, we recommend weekly treatments for 6 weeks followed by monthly treatments.


Cells are nourished
Skin is rehydrated
Collagen production is stimulated
Circulation is increased
Skin is detoxified
Improved skin texture
Accelerated skin healing
Safe for ALL skin types
No down time

Customizable formulas we use:

Derm Recovery

This gentle formulation is suitable for damaged and traumatized skin following exfoliation procedures. No burn or sting when applied to open skin. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid calms skin while providing moisture retention. Carrot Seed and Ylang Ylang plant hydrosol, provide anti-microbial and antioxidant properties. Derm-Recovery contains natural carotinoid molecules to aid skin repair and promote recovery.


Inflammation formula is a mixture of plant hydrosol designed to inhibit skin inflammation and tone blood vessels. The plants Barberry and Oregon Grape are known for their root which contains a natural molecule shown to be effective against skin inflammation. Anti-inflammatory action is further enhanced by the blood vessel toning effect of Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera.


The combination of Lavender, Witch Hazel and Carrot Seed hydrosol, provide over 100 different natural acne-fighting molecules. Astringent and antiseptic properties make this the perfect application for blemished skin. Acne hydrosol is not overly drying to the skin and contains no salicylic acid.


Anti-Aging hydrosol is specifically formulated for the needs of aging skin. This combination of plants, peptides, and moisture holding molecules provides for younger, healthier skin. Formulated to include the six different peptides; Hexapeptide-3, Matrixyl, Syn®-AKE, Snap-8, Palmitoyl and Matryxl-3000. These peptides have been shown to relax facial muscles and reduce the depth of wrinkles. Chamomile and Neroli plant hydrosol neutralize free radicals, while supporting skins basic need for the production of collagen and elastin.

Oxygen Activator is filled with vitamins, minerals, peptides and amino acids that are delivered to the skin to nourish and replenish skin cells. This product is added to all oxygen treatments to enhance the overall effects.