Tanning is the process in which the skin color is darkened or tanned. Tans are caused by harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun or tanning beds, which have been known to damage skin cells, and can lead to skin cancer and immune system problems. To get a healthy, darker glow to your skin without any health risks, tanning injections and self-tanners are your best bets.

There are 2 types of ultraviolet radiation in the sun’s rays: UVA and UVB. The UVB rays burn the upper layer of the skin causing sunburns. UVA rays trigger the melanocyte cells to produce melanin, which can lead to tanning. Melanin is a natural product that protects the skin from burning. These UVA rays can cause cancer because they penetrate deeper into the skin.

Melanotan II is a chemical peptide that possesses similar activity to that of the ‘melanocyte-stimulating hormone’ found in the human body. The hormone stimulates the skin cells to secrete melanin, causing one to tan. This chemical was originally used to increase erections in the human body for those suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Many people use sunscreen and oils when tanning in the sun. To save your body from exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, there are many self tanning products. The sunless self tanners provide you with a safe and sun free tan, but you have to be sure to apply the product evenly and to all parts of your body, otherwise you will have streaks and uneven areas. When you use Melanotan 2, there is no need to expose the body to the sun’s UV rays in excess. You only need 10 to 15 minutes once a week.